“My Rottweiler puppy Sarge was a bit of a ratbag, wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t stop jumping on people, trying to take him for a walk was an absolute nightmare, then a friend told me about Sarah Rutten and her Puppy Kinder classes. Without doubt the best money could buy, slowly over the 5 weeks of the course I noticed my boy becoming civilized to the point that I wondered if it were the same dog. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah she truely is the ‘Dog Whisperer'”
Gail and Neville
“If u do nothing else when first entering the world of dog ownership call Sarah – whether its a new puppy or you’ve adopted or re-homed the new addition to your family – Sarah’s expertise knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour will assist you develop a rewarding and fulfilling relationship between you and your new best friend.”
Terese Martin
“12 months ago we adopted a deaf and blind puppy called Pearl, we contacted Sarah about doing puppy classes so we could learn ways to train Pearl as there was very little information around about training such special needs dogs. Sarah’s methods worked so well with Pearl and we have been able to teach her many different touch signals for commands and to help us communicate with her. Sarah’s approach to training is something we have taken on board and we now have a happy, obedient girl who we are able to take anywhere…thank-you”
Jessica Gall