“My dog stresses when we aren’t home. Could she have separation anxiety?”

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Dear Sarah, My dog really stresses when we’re not home. The neighbours say that she barks the whole time we are gone. We think she’s got Separation Anxiety. What can we do? Mitch M Hi Mitch, Dogs who display signs of anxiety when their humans aren’t home are suffering from something known as Separation Distress. In some cases, there can be a medical cause (so make sure that you get a full health check done by your vet). In other cases, Separation Distress can usually be split into two main categories – Separation Anxiety and anxiety about being alone. [...]

“Is Puppy Preschool really necessary?”

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Dear Sarah, We’ve just brought home a new puppy. We already have a dog at home who he will be socialising with – do we REALLY need to take him to puppy preschool? Belinda E Hi Belinda, Short answer – YES! There are a number of reasons why Puppy Preschool is so important for your puppy to attend. 1. It helps build their self confidence and strengthens their bond with you. It’s really important that your puppy becomes confident within themselves, without always needing the other dog around. Run properly, Puppy Preschool can allow your puppy to experience things [...]