“My dog is 7 months old, why is she still being naughty?”

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Dear Sarah,  How long does it take dogs to learn things? My dog is 7 months old – I’m really frustrated that she still does naughty stuff. Shouldn’t that have stopped by now?? Eliza P Hi Eliza, I think at times we humans are a little unrealistic (and a little impatient) with our dogs when it comes to learning what’s expected in our human world. Let’s look at children for example – do we expect that they will know everything by the time they are toddlers? Teenagers? (I know teenagers think they know everything, but that’s another story!). Young [...]

And Baby Makes 4…..

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During my 15 years as a Canine Behaviour Specialist, I’ve worked with lots of couples who’s dogs have been their fur-baby….and now they’re about to have a “real” baby. It can be a really stressful time for expectant parents – especially those who are first timers. Not only do they not know what to expect with regards to the human child they’re about to have, but they are unsure about how that will impact on their fur child, who - up until this point – has been their world. Expectant parents get lots of advice from well meaning friends and [...]

“My dog bit another dog. What do I do?”

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Hi Sarah, My dog growls and barks at other dogs when we’re out walking. I’ve been giving him a correction every time he does it (which has worked). The other day he bit another dog and he’s never done that before. Now I don’t know what to do. Please help! Shane P Hi Shane, I believe there are a number of potential issues when using corrections in training. Firstly, when using punishment like corrections, you usually get a suppression of behaviour, rather than a change to the underlying cause of why the behaviour occurred in the first place. Kind [...]