The Force-Free Movement

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I get a lot of people asking me about force-free training. Why am I a force-free trainer? How does that differ to other styles? Why don’t I use punishment in training? Wouldn’t it be easier just to give them a good smack or quick correction to “show them who’s boss”? It’s great that people are asking these questions. There is SO much information out there on training dogs and dog behaviour. From the internet to You-Tube, TED talks, online tutorials, breeders, trainers, behaviourists, vets, pet stores, neighbours, friends and other dog owners – the amount of information available is endless. [...]

‘How do we get our dog used to being handled at the vet?”

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Dear Sarah, Our last dog hated being examined by the vet. How can I make sure our new puppy is ok with being handled in preparation for vet visits? Maureen R Hi Maureen, Let me just say, your vet and vet nurses will LOVE you for taking the time to get your new puppy with being examined and handled all over. Not to mention take the stress out of vet visits for your dog. Good on you for being so proactive! These handling exercises can actually be done with dogs of any age – not just puppies. The aim [...]