“Our puppy bites – a lot! Does this mean she will be aggressive when she is older?”

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Dear Sarah, Out 12 week old puppy bites us – a lot! We are so worried that she’s going to be aggressive when she grows up. Is this likely? Barbara J Hi Barbara, This is a great question - as many new puppy owners have exactly the same concerns. But in actual fact, at 12 weeks of age, puppies are supposed to be biting a lot. And there are 4 reasons why. They are teething. And at 12 weeks, things really start ramping up in that department. Unlike humans who get one or two (or if you’re unlucky, three) [...]

“When on lead, my dog pulls. But when I let him off, he walks beside me. Why?”

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Dear Sarah, My dog pulls really badly on the lead, but when they’re off lead on the beach, he walks right beside me. Why is that? Sonya S Hi Sonya, Walking on a loose lead is possibly the hardest thing to teach a dog to do, for a number of reasons. For starters, the lead is a human-imposed piece of equipment that dogs aren’t born automatically knowing how to walk properly on. Secondly - dogs naturally walk faster than humans do, meaning that they are naturally out in front. Thirdly - dogs often pull to get to smells and [...]