Sarah Rutten
Sarah Rutten
Diploma Canine Behaviour Science & Technology, Cert IV Dog Behavioural Training

Sarah Rutten

Sarah’s passion for animals started from a very early age, enjoying the company of some much loved family pets while growing up. After completing high school in Lismore and spending a couple of years in the workforce, Sarah decided to take the plunge and pursue her passion by completing the Delta Society Australia’s Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training and in 2003, she co-formed Paw Power Dog Training.

Sarah’s love of dogs fuelled her desire for further study and in 2008 she completed a certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Canine Massage). In 2012 Sarah completed a 3 year Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science & Technology through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canada, and has plans for further study in the near future.

As well as being the most qualified canine behaviour specialist on the North Coast, Sarah attends yearly seminars (both in Australia and overseas) in order to provide her clients with the most up-to-date knowledge on behaviour and training. Sarah is a Delta Accredited Instructor, as well as being a member of; the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Australia), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (USA), and the Pet Professional Guild. She is also a qualified assessor, both for Greenhounds and as a Department of Local Government temperament assessor.

In mid 2013, Sarah left Paw Power Dog Training and opened The Canine Perspective. Her aim is to help owners get the dog they want by improving that special bond between them and their dog, helping owners understand the world from the dog’s perspective, and of course, having loads of fun while learning together!!

Sarah currently lives in East Ballina with her partner, Chris and their three pugs Tyson, Kali, and Doug. As well as running classes and private consults she also loves reading, music and hanging out with friends – both human and canine!

Professional Memberships


Tyson (also known as “Munchkin”, “Boof-A-Knuckle” and “Mr Magoo”)

Tyson – Office Manager

Tyson (also known as “Munchkin”, “Boof-A-Knuckle” and “Mr Magoo”) is a 14 year old black pug who keeps a close eye on Sarah’s every movement. Nothing gets past this fella! Often found sleeping with his eyes open (!!), Tyson ensures that even when resting, one can still be managing the workers. Tyson’s favourite past times include snuggling, snoozing and sniffing….everything! (all done outside office hours – of course!).


Kali (also known as “Kali-Ripper”, “Ripstick”, “Poppet” & “Stinky”)

Kali – Social Co-ordinator

Kali (also known as “Kali-Ripper”, “Ripstick”, “Poppet” & “Stinky”) is a 3 year old fawn pug whose sole purpose is to greet everyone with enthusiasm and vigour. Her favourite pastime is sitting up high (the coffee table, dining room table, on TOP of her crate) so that she can be ready at a moments notice to greet everyone who crosses her path. Kali often accompanies Sarah “on location” to work with dogs who are shy, anxious or reactive towards other dogs. Her calm demeanour helps to put other dogs at ease, although secretly she’s just waiting for the right time to invite them to the next pug party!!