Here's what some of our delighted clients have to say:

“My Rottweiler puppy Sarge was a bit of a ratbag, wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t stop jumping on people, trying to take him for a walk was an absolute nightmare, then a friend told me about Sarah Rutten and her Puppy Preschool classes. Without doubt the best money could buy, slowly over the 5 weeks of the course I noticed my boy becoming civilized to the point that I wondered if it were the same dog. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah she truely is the ‘Dog Whisperer'”
Gail and Neville
“If you do nothing else when first entering the world of dog ownership call Sarah – whether its a new puppy or you’ve adopted or re-homed the new addition to your family – Sarah’s expertise knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour will assist you develop a rewarding and fulfilling relationship between you and your new best friend.”
Terese Martin
“12 months ago we adopted a deaf and blind puppy called Pearl, we contacted Sarah about doing puppy classes so we could learn ways to train Pearl as there was very little information around about training such special needs dogs. Sarah’s methods worked so well with Pearl and we have been able to teach her many different touch signals for commands and to help us communicate with her. Sarah’s approach to training is something we have taken on board and we now have a happy, obedient girl who we are able to take anywhere…thank-you”
Jessica Gall
“Having done puppy training with Sarah with a new puppy I had bought, I knew she was the one to contact when it turned out the new puppy and the older dog in the house started fighting. Sarah came to my house for a one on one consultation to observe the behaviour of the dogs around me and determine what the cause of the fighting was and how best to deal with it. Not only did she accurately gauge who was starting the fights, she gave me a number of options to try to help with preventing the fights, and also stopping them once they started. As it turns out, desexed females that are close in age are statistically more likely to fight, so the fighting does continue, but with Sarah’s remarkable advice I am able to sense the start of one and nip it in the bud. I like to refer to her as the dog whisperer.”
Christine Hahn
“I have had first hand experience with the professional and extremely knowledgeable Sarah Rutten from The Canine Perspective. I have used Sarah’s puppy training and one on one sessions over the past 5 years with both my dog, and two family members’ dogs too. I have an American Staffordshire Terrier that suffered a traumatic experience and as a result was extremely shy and timid. Sarah was able to eradicate this problem with her efficient and effective one-on-one training in a very short period of time. With Sarah’s kind and vivacious personality she is able to adapt to any dog or owner, to any situation from beginner’s puppy preschool to the more problematic training. I would have no hesitation in referring The Canine Perspective to friends, family or patients of mine.”
Nikki Foord, Bounce Back Therapies
“When we started making enquiries about getting our dog some basic training classes, Sarah’s name was always given as the person to contact. From the first class, we could see that her approach wasn’t just about the four-legged student but about us, as well. Her calm, reward-based training meant we completed the course with a young dog with a good start in becoming a well socialised & behaved family member. When we acquired a rescue dog, Sarah helped with us with his anxiety issues & is always happy to answer any questions we may have. Now we have two lovely dogs that are relaxed when we have visitors & are well mannered when we take them out everyday. We are more than happy to recommend Sarah’s classes & methods for anyone wanting to teach either a young pup or a mature dog”
Fiona & Janelle
“We booked Bundy (11 month old Labrador) in for K9 Kindy with Sarah because we thought he would enjoy the socialisation. The only thing we really wanted him to learn was recall as he had been a great puppy and we’d done a fair bit of training at home. Sarah made the classes fun for both the dogs and families and we thoroughly enjoyed them. We loved the small class sizes and Sarah was personally interested in each dog and family. We were amazed at how much Bundy learnt and he came away from the classes an awesome dog. He learnt so many new things and Sarah encouraged us to go even further with behaviours we’d already worked on, such as Stay. We’ve since done 3 baby prep sessions for Bundy with Sarah which we have found to be very valuable. Sarah is a fantastic dog trainer and it’s very obvious that for her it’s a real passion, not just a job. We would love to send all our family and friends (and their dogs :D) to her for training.”
Caroline & Will Marshall, Casino
“I found Sarah to be a fabulous dog trainer. She is highly educated in all aspects of dog behaviour. She is also people friendly but does not let that interfere with the excellent training our Dozer received. I cannot believe the difference after only one private lesson in walking my dog. She is truly amazing! Group classes taught us and the dog so much more, thank you so much Sarah.”
Caroline McAlister