“I normally correct my dog’s behaviour if he does the wrong thing, and now he has bitten someone. What can I do?”

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Hi Sarah, My dog growls and barks at other dogs when we’re out walking. I’ve been giving him a correction every time he does it (which has worked). The other day he bit another dog and he’s never done that before. Now I don’t know what to do. Please help! Shane P Hi Shane, I believe there are a number of potential issues when using corrections in training. Firstly, when using punishment like corrections, you usually get a suppression of behaviour, rather than a change to the underlying cause of why the behaviour occurred in the first place. Kind [...]

“My dog was attacked by another dog. How can I stop this from happening again?”

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Hi Sarah, My dog was attacked by another dog on the off leash beach over the weekend. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Trevor P Hi Trevor, This is a tricky question to answer. Going to places like the off leash dog beach or the dog park carries with it an element of risk. Just like taking kids to a play ground, there's always a risk that they will fall off the playground equipment and get hurt. We can minimise the risk by staying close to them (or not taking them at all), but it’s [...]

“I have been minding some friends’ dogs, and there has been some fighting with them and mine. What should I do?”

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Dear Sarah, I have two dogs and I’ve been looking after my friend’s two dogs while they go away for a month. In the beginning all four dogs got on really well, but in the last few days there have been a couple of major fights amongst them, especially around dinner time or when we’re getting ready to go for a walk. Is there anything that I can do?? Christina P Hi Christina, Bringing dogs into the family unit - even just to stay for a short while - can sometimes be more stressful than people realise. For the [...]