“What are some suitable games my children can play with our dog?”

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Dear Sarah, We have 3 children ranging in ages from 4 to 9. Could you tell us some appropriate games that they could play with our dog that don’t involve rough housing? Simone G Hi Simone, Quite often play between kids and dogs can get out of hand – and fast! Many dogs see children as simply “play mates” and get overly excited whenever they come into view. While this isn’t always a problem when the dog is a baby puppy, dogs get bigger much faster than humans do and there is always a risk that someone will get [...]

“We have a baby on the way. How do we prepare our ‘fur baby’ for its arrival?”

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Dear Sarah, My wife is pregnant with our first child and up until this point our dog has been our “fur baby”. We are really worried with how he will cope with the baby and have heard conflicting advice about how to prepare him for the baby’s arrival. We don’t want to have to rehome him, but we are concerned that he will feel jealous of the baby. Help!!! Brett W Hi Brett, Many expectant parents share your concerns and there are ways to successfully prepare your dog for the baby’s arrival without needing to banish them to the [...]

“How do we move on from the death of our beloved pet?”

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Dear Sarah, We recently had to put our old dog to sleep and the kids are devastated. How can we help them move on? Should we get another dog? Peter W   Hi Peter, The death of a family pet, no matter how old they are, can be devastating for the whole family. The fact that the family member just happens to be another species does not make the grief any less intense or real. In some cases, it makes it more so. When a human dies, we hold a funeral. This gives us a chance to honour them, think [...]

“How do I let people know that their kids need to ask if they can pat my dog? She isn’t that great with them.”

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Dear Sarah, The other day when I was out walking my dog, we walked passed a lady with 3 small children. Without asking my permission the kids ran up to pat my dog. My dog is wary of children and while she didn’t bark or snap, she was definitely uncomfortable. How could I have handled this better? Maria G Hi Maria, This is a very good question and one that has huge ramifications. There are many dogs who are uncomfortable in certain situations, and being rushed upon by excited (albeit friendly) children can tip some nervous or anxious dogs [...]