“We got another dog! What should we do to make sure both dogs learn to get along?”

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Dear Sarah, We’ve just brought a second dog into our home. We’ve never had 2 dogs before. Is there anything that we should do differently now that we’ve added to our furry family? Nick B Hi Nick, Firstly, congratulations on your new addition! You are now what’s known as a “multi-dog household”, and yes – there are some things that are worth mentioning. Now that you have more than one dog, it is tempting for the dogs to do everything together. After all – you got them to be company for each other, right? It’s actually really important for [...]

How do I let my dog know that I am the pack leader?”

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Dear Sarah, The breeder I got my puppy from told me that I have a dominant puppy and that I need to be careful not to let her dominate me. How do I stop that from happening? Phil F   Hi Phil, Dogs don’t spend their lives trying to “dominate” humans, or to try and get “one-up” on them. While dogs are opportunists (aren’t we all?), they will usually partake in behaviour that works for them. For example – if a dog nudges your hand to get you to pat them, it’s not because they are trying to “dominate” you, [...]