“How do you know if it’s too hot for dogs?”

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Dear Sarah, Our Staffie loves to lay out in the sun, even in the middle of summer. I’m worried that she might get heat stroke. Can this happen to dogs? Laura B Hi Laura, Absolutely! Dogs are not very good at cooling themselves and heat stroke or heat stress is very common in dogs during the summer months. Here are a few tips that might help your beautiful girl stay cool this summer. 1.      Encourage her out of the sun and into a cooler area, especially as the day starts warming up. Dogs can not only suffer from heat [...]

“My dog was attacked by another dog. How can I stop this from happening again?”

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Hi Sarah, My dog was attacked by another dog on the off leash beach over the weekend. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Trevor P Hi Trevor, This is a tricky question to answer. Going to places like the off leash dog beach or the dog park carries with it an element of risk. Just like taking kids to a play ground, there's always a risk that they will fall off the playground equipment and get hurt. We can minimise the risk by staying close to them (or not taking them at all), but it’s [...]

“How do dogs normally react around horses?”

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Dear Sarah, We were on Lennox Beach the other day and saw people riding horses. Is it safe to have our Kelpie around the horses and vice versa? Adrianne H Hi Adrianne, This is a difficult question to answer as I haven’t met your Kelpie, but what we are talking about here is a safety issue – for your dog, the horses and the riders. Dogs and horses can be unpredictable. Seemingly placid dogs who are very well behaved and very responsive to owner requests can completely “switch off” when something of interest – like a horse – is [...]

“My dog growls at the kids when they go and hug him. What should I do?”

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Dear Sarah, My dog growls at the kids when they come over to hug him when he's lying down resting. How do I stop him from doing this? Paul R Hi Paul, Growling is your dog's way of letting you know that he is uncomfortable with something. My guess is that your dog is either uncomfortable with being hugged in general, or with being interrupted while he's sleeping (or both!). Nando Brown, a well known force-free trainer from Spain was quoted at an Australian conference last year saying "punishing a dog for growling is like taking the batteries out [...]

“Is it true that dogs can overheat?”

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Dear Sarah, This will be our first summer with our new bulldog puppy. We’ve been told they can overheat easily. Have you got any tips for keeping her cool during the months ahead? Karen O Hi Karen, I’m a real summer girl and I love the warmer weather. But not everyone does. Heat stress is very common in dogs, particularly in Brachycephalics (dogs with short noses). Here are a few tips that might help your beautiful girl stay cool this summer. 1.      Don’t walk her during the heat of the day. Walk her of an early morning or very [...]

“My dog may be big, but she isn’t aggressive”

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Dear Sarah, We recently adopted a 12 month old Rottweiler from a rescue group. She’s so beautiful and gentle and loves everyone. We’ve noticed though that people cross the road when they see us coming and pick up their small dogs when we come near. How can we let people know that all she wants to do is play? Tammy G Hi Tammy, I think if you speak to other large breed owners, you will find that they all have the same experience – so don’t take it personally! Many people are afraid of large dogs, either from bad [...]

“Is socialising your dog before they’ve been fully vaccinated bad?”

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Dear Sarah, I’ve been told by everyone that I should wait until my puppy has had all of her vaccinations before taking her out, and yet I’ve read that the best time to socialise dogs is between 8-12 weeks. I’m really confused. Cheryl A Hi Cheryl, You are right – this one can get very confusing. You will often get advice from many vets and breeders who will tell you not to take your puppy out before they’ve had all of their vaccinations (which can sometimes be as late as 14 weeks), and then trainers and vet behaviourists who [...]