• Stylish treat pouch - highly recommended (and used) by The Canine Perspective!
    • Handy two compartments for storing different types of treats
    • Small pockets on either side to hold poo bags
    • Mesh pocket at the front - perfect for a ball or tug toy
    • Zippered pocket at the back for your personal items such as phone, keys and money
    • Comes with a waist strap
    • Australian made product
    • Available in a range of great colours
    • Very sturdy and machine washable!
  • Front Attaching Harness

    This simple, adjustable harness gives you instant control over your dog's movements. Ideal for training rambunctious puppies or dogs that tug and pull, the Front Attaching Harness makes walking your dog a pleasure!
  • Fantastic leads with clips on both ends used and recommended by The Canine Perspective. Wrap one end of the lead around your waist for hands-free walking, or connect two dogs onto the one lead!
  • All leads are double-stitched and over-locked with polyester thread for extra strength.
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