Dear Sarah,

We think our dog’s problem behaviour may be diet related. Is that possible?

Diana P   

Hi Diana,

As with children, there is much evidence supporting a strong link between diet and behaviour in dogs. A poor quality diet full of preservatives, additives, flavours, and colours (not to mention high fat and salt contents) can make the liver sluggish, lead to weight gain, contribute to skin conditions and poor health. It also impedes brain function, contributes to poor behaviour and makes our pets feel pretty “blerrrgghh”.

There are a number of different theories out there on what food is best. Some believe that a good quality dry food is ideal in providing your dog with all the nutrition they need. Others believe a more natural diet, containing only raw ingredients is a much better way to go. The bottom is that there are a number of ways to meet your dog’s need for a good quality diet. Find one that suits you and your dog best.

If you believe that your dog’s diet is having a direct impact on their behaviour, I would suggest discussing dietary options with your vet, or have your dog’s behaviour assessed by a qualified behaviour specialist.