• The Adult Beginners Course is perfect for people and dogs looking for some general training - whether you've just started your journey together or it's been a while since you've undertaken some training. Dogs must be over the age of 12 months and be fully vaccinated. For more information on our Adult Beginners Course, please click here. Please scroll down for upcoming dates in 2017! Please note - group classes are not suitable for all dogs or all problem behaviours. Issues such as anxiety, aggression and reactivity require more personalised one-on-one training. If you are unsure as to whether group classes are the best option for you and your dog, please contact us before booking in.
  • K9 Kindy

    Get your unruly adolescent puppy back on track with The Canine Perspective's K9 Kindy Course! Ideal for puppies who have graduated Puppy Preschool or those that just missed out because they were too old. Puppies must be under 12 months and fully vaccinated. For more information on our K9 Kindy Course, please click here. Scroll down for upcoming dates and times and book your place today!
  • Get your puppy started off on the right paw! Book in to The Canine Perspective's Puppy Preschool Course today! Perfect for puppies under 16 weeks! For more information on our Puppy Preschool Course, click here. See below for upcoming course start dates.  
  • Learn everything you will need to get your fur baby ready for your human baby’s arrival with this practical, informative, and fun 3 hr seminar! During the 3 hours, you will learn:
    • How to get your dog ready for the sight, sound and smell of your new baby
    • How to identify potential warning signs that your baby might be in danger, and what to do if they are
    • How to identify what changes you may need to make to your dog's current daily routine and how to do them (before the baby arrives)
    • How to identify signs that your dog might be stressed or "jealous" of your baby
    • The safest way to introduce your new baby to your dog
    • How to ensure that you meet the needs of your beloved 4 legged family member, and still have everyone living together harmoniously
    • And much more!
    Please note - this is a human-only seminar so unfortunately, four legged family members will need to stay at home. Price includes GST, all handout material, a thumb drive with baby sounds, homework sheets, some light refreshments and more (so please let us know if you have any dietary requirements). Price is per family unit (not per person). To book in, go to the date highlighted in the calendar, pick a booking time and add to cart. There are a limited number of spaces are available, so book your spot today!