A behavioural assessment is often a good starting point for dogs with a number of behavioural issues

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Dogs exhibit problem behaviours for a number of reasons (usually related to anxiety, stress, boredom, and/or fear), and the purpose of the assessment is to ascertain what the problem behaviours are and why your dog may be exhibiting them. Our behavioural assessments are very comprehensive and most assessments are 1.5hrs in length. Once the assessment is complete we then work with you to put together a simple, easy to implement behavioural modification plan and assist you to keep track of your dog’s progress.

How do I know if my dog needs a behavioural assessment?

Your dog may require a behavioural assessment for the following:

  • Problem behaviours (such as digging, chewing or escaping)
  • Anxiety based behaviours (such as separation anxiety, or reactivity to people or other dogs)
  • Aggressive behaviours (to people and other dogs)
  • Temperament Assessments (Pitbull and Pitbull mixes)
  • Barking Assessments
  • Greyhound Green Collar Assessments (Greenhounds)
  • Canine Good Citizen Assessment
  • Assistance Dog Assessment (MindDog)

Who conducts the assessments?

Sarah Rutten from The Canine Perspective conducts all of our assessments. Sarah is a registered Department of Local Government Temperament Assessor, a qualified Greenhounds and CGC Assessor and has worked with various Councils in the local area regarding Barking issues. Sarah also holds a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology and a Cert IV in Dog Behavioural Training. For more information

or phone Sarah on 0405 535 336 or

for more information.

How much does the assessment cost?

Assessment prices vary, depending on the type of assessment being conducted. Prices can be found below and include GST (but do not include travel. Please click here for additional travel costs).

Type of Assessment Length of Assessment Price (Incl GST. Please note travel outside the Ballina/Lennox Head area will incur additional travel costs)
Problem/Anxiety based behaviours (standard assessments) 1.5 hrs $220.00
Barking Assessments 1.5 hrs $220.00 (without report to Council)

$275.00 (with report to Council)

Temperament Assessments 1.5 hrs $275.00
Greenhounds Assessments 1.5 hrs $245.00
Restricted Breed Assessment 2 hrs $375.00

What else is included?

As well as the assessment itself, the price also includes:

  • A behavioural modification plan
  • Notes and handouts
  • Report and recommendations sent to your local Council (for Barking Assessments)

  • Liaising with your local Council on your behalf (when necessary)
  • Clearance forms and certificates (Temperament and Greenhounds Assessments)
  • Ongoing phone and email support

How do I book an assessment?

or phone Sarah on 0405 535 336 or

for more information.