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Need Help Training Your Fur Baby?

What the Course Covers:

Toilet Training

Feel like you’ve welcomed a pooping, peeing machine into your home? We’ve got the answers you need to help make toilet training your puppy easy (and quick!).

Basic Behaviours

Teach your puppy basics cues from responding to their name, to sitting, lying down, waiting for food, coming when called and dropping items they shouldn’t have. We’ve even thrown in some advanced skills for those super puppies ready to learn more!

Environmental Enrichment

A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. Learn lots of ways to keep your puppy’s mind busy (and away from digging up your plants or pulling washing off the line).

Puppy Biting

They’re cute, but the biting is driving you nuts? Yep – we get it! Find out why puppy biting is an important developmental phase and what you can do to minimise the damage (to you…your furniture…your children…)

Basic Tricks

Want an even CUTER puppy? What’s cuter than a puppy doing tricks? We’ll show you our top 3 tricks that every puppy can learn.

Socialisation & Play

Want to have a puppy who loves to play with others that you can take literally anywhere? Proper socialisation is key. Do you know your puppy’s play style? Our course will help you determine what “fair play” looks like and how to spot when it’s time to step in.

Want A More Hands On Approach? Check Our Premium 1:1 Service