“The neigbour’s dog barks all the time. Is there anything we can do?”

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Dear Sarah, We have a dog next door who barks all day when her owners aren’t home. She also barks at us whenever we go out into our backyard. It’s driving us all nuts! What can we do? Sharon N Hi Sharon, Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and barking when owners aren’t home can be indicative of a number of things including boredom, stress or separation anxiety. The very first thing that I would be doing is having a friendly chat to your neighbour. As the barking occurs when they aren’t home, they may not even realise [...]

“My dog is really destructive. What can I do??”

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Dear Sarah, My dog is really destructive. He destroys all his toys and bedding and once he’s done that he goes looking for other things to chew up. Help!!! Brian A Hi Brian, Destructive behaviour in dogs can be a result of number of things including boredom, stress and lack of exercise. A good starting point to determining what is going on for your dog is to make sure all of their needs are being met. Dogs have both primary and secondary needs. Primary needs (like food, water and shelter) are necessary for survival. Secondary needs (like physical exercise, [...]

“According to the neighbours, my dog barks all day. What can I do?”

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Dear Sarah, I’ve received a complaint from my neighbour about my dog barking when I’m at work. Is there anything I can do to stop him?   Elaine G Hi Elaine, Barking is a common and tricky problem to solve as dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Some bark because they are bored or haven’t had enough exercise. Others bark when someone (or something) comes close to or onto the property (as far as some dogs are concerned, leaves falling and branches swaying fall into this category!). Some bark because they are stressed or anxious when alone. And some [...]