“Our puppy bites – a lot! Does this mean she will be aggressive when she is older?”

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Dear Sarah, Out 12 week old puppy bites us – a lot! We are so worried that she’s going to be aggressive when she grows up. Is this likely? Barbara J Hi Barbara, This is a great question - as many new puppy owners have exactly the same concerns. But in actual fact, at 12 weeks of age, puppies are supposed to be biting a lot. And there are 4 reasons why. They are teething. And at 12 weeks, things really start ramping up in that department. Unlike humans who get one or two (or if you’re unlucky, three) [...]

“Is Puppy Preschool really necessary?”

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Dear Sarah, We’ve just brought home a new puppy. We already have a dog at home who he will be socialising with – do we REALLY need to take him to puppy preschool? Belinda E Hi Belinda, Short answer – YES! There are a number of reasons why Puppy Preschool is so important for your puppy to attend. 1. It helps build their self confidence and strengthens their bond with you. It’s really important that your puppy becomes confident within themselves, without always needing the other dog around. Run properly, Puppy Preschool can allow your puppy to experience things [...]

“How do we introduce a new dog to our old dog? Will there be issues?”

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Dear Sarah, We are getting a new puppy and want to make sure we do the right thing when introducing him to our current dog. Are there things we should or shouldn’t do? What’s the best way to introduce them? Simon H Hi Simon, Some dogs eagerly welcome a new puppy into the home – excited to have someone to play with and keep them company. Others find it incredibly stressful – and working out how your dog might respond to a new canine brother or sister is an important first step. If your dog is good with other [...]

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